Dolmetscherbüro und Übersetzungsbüro in Magdeburg für alle Sprachen und alle Fachbereiche

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Krystian Mueller,



Welcome to the website of City-Übersetzungen,
your bureau for translations and interpretation in Magdeburg.

Our services include certified and uncertified translations (e.g. documents, certificates, apostilles) as well as interpreters with and without administration of oath for each language (English, Russian, Polish, more) and each kind of field. More than 1500 translators and interpreters are part of our team and due to that we can offer a wide range of services. Make yourself free of barriers, feel free to do your administrative formalities, to act in commerce or in other fields, just simply and unambiguous.

We act fast, reliable and cost-effective.

Ihr Dolmetscher- und Übersetzungsbüro im Herzen von Magdeburg.